Welcome to 




Welcome to my Elsewhere..

I am an Artist in Washington State...

       I love where I live so much. I am constantly inspired by the things I see around me. I am blessed to have a wonderful view that I never tire of seeing.  A lot of my art is inspired by the Pacific North West. 

I want to share my vision of how I see the world with you..

     As I see a Sparrow swooping to skim the water for an insect, I see wire shaping around the curve of a pale chest, spanning their wings and forming feathers. As I see cherry blossoms trailing in the wind away from their tree, I see the curves and lines for my next  mobile.  The sun through the trees gives me poetry to share. 

I want to do everything, and I will..
My hands want to form, sculpt and create. Fingers itching to draw.  My mind and lips want to form phrases, sculpt poetry and create new ideas with in you and myself. My spirit wants to whisk my body away to the far away places we dream of. My drive and ambition stems from the passion for my life and my art.  

I invite you to watch my progress and come 

back to see new things.