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My Suicide Girl Soliloquy

Posted on August 3, 2015 at 6:30 PM



Is this small blank box going to be enough space to encompass why I want to be a Suicide Girl? I hope so. I have always admired the exotic beautiful women of Suicide Girls from afar. And my time has come to try to join this elite, gorgeous wonderful world. I have cultivated a look comparable to your beautiful women. I have the accouterments of what we both define as beauty. The tattoos, the piercings, the unwavering dedication to be my authentic self inside and out. . I am actively turning my body into a work of art that I would like to share with the world.


I have come to a point in my life that I adore and cherish myself inside and out. I have an obnoxious amount of body confidence even though I don't have a super model body. In my opinion, I love my body way more than 90% the thin women I see all around me. I am proud of my gorgeous face and body. I love all of my curves and am proud of my thick hips and ass, my best assets! (See what I did there :)) I am a champion of many causes, especially women and helping their confidence bloom through my example.


I love the amazing person I am inside. I have a personality that people are drawn to. I wholeheartedly believe that my spirit animal is a mixture of a puppy and a cobra! I am kind, dreamy, overly honest, goofy, funny, compassionate, playful, spiritual, sweet and ruthlessly trying to kill my Ego and reach self actualization.


I am also ruthlessly passionate, dominate, vindictive, aggressive, cutting with words and comedy when necessary, laugh at and make inappropriate jokes way too often, bitchy, rude and downright mean! one of my heroes is the Hindu goddess Kali. Most of these traits are drawn out of me, not volunteered. But they are a real part of me.


I am a creative savant, which sounds prideful and conceited, but it is accurate. I think art is one of the most direct ways to heal myself and others. I am an artist with a list as long as your arm of things that I do well and am actively pursuing. Sculpting with wire and found material, installation art, writing, costume and set design, body painting, projection work, mixed media collage, fetish modeling, performance art, murals, dancing, comedy, professional makeup artist, conceptual (often inflammatory) photography an videography, upcycling and redesigning vintage clothes, lighted pieces, creative and out of the box promotional stuff, event conceptualizing and decorating, kinetic mobiles, crafting and the list goes on..


It all boils down to the simple fact that the one thing I am good at is being myself. And I think becoming a Suicide Girl would be a perfect way to share and give back to the universe my love, passion, talents, rockin' bod and attitude with the world.


Note: The IG section is not cooperating, but it is instagram.com/emmasfatedproductions. The first three photos are from this afternoon, no forgiving filters, no make up and hair is authentic bed head lol. The rest are in chronological order


Thank you for your time and consideration,

Emma Jean Christensen



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